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Registration for the Admission Procedure for the
NAWI Graz Master's degree Technical Physics

General Information

Welcome to the Registration for the Admission Procedure for the Master's Degree Programme Technical Physics at TU Graz and University of Graz.

In order to successfully complete registration, it is necessary to enter your personal data. After successful completion, you will receive an email prompting you to verify or edit your data or to delete the registration in case it contains mistakes. If you have chosen to delete your registration you will be allowed to fill out the registration form again.
After verifying your data, you will receive a confirmation of your registration by email.

Please note:
Only confirmed registrations will be considered in the admission procedure.

You can find general information on the admission procedure and the examination procedure in Information on the admission procedure for Technical Physics

Personal Data

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Contact Data

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Study related Information

For the admission procedure you have to provide the following information on your previous studying activities.
If you have not obtained a degree yet, you shall submit proof of your academic work in the form of a transcript of records and the related curriculum in German or English.

Academic Achievements

Application Documents

The following documents must be submitted for the application:

University of Registration

Austrian law requires university applicants to choose a university, which they will be admitted to when the application process has been successfully completed. As the two universities offer this master study programmes jointly, no advantage or disadvantage will arise from this decision.
In case the administration process will be successfully completed, I choose to be admitted at:

Verification of your data

I hereby declare that all information provided and all documents uploaded in this form are correct, sufficient and complete, to the best of my knowledge. If the TU Graz and University of Graz needs to request personal data from other authorities in order to process my application, I give my consent that the relevant authorities may disclose personal data to TU Graz and University of Graz.

Data protection regulations

I hereby consent to the collection, processing and use of the data I have entered here for the purpose of completing the admission procedure for the master's degree in Technical Physics at TU Graz and University of Graz. This data shall be treated confidentially and used exclusively for this purpose, according to the Data Protection Act (DSG 2000). After the admission procedure has been completed, all data will be deleted.

Statistic Questions

How did you find out about the Master's programme? Through which of the following sources did it come to your attention?
Multiple answers are possible.